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In 1998, the North American Forest Commission (NAFC) established an Inventory and Monitoring Working Group (IMWG) to collaborate and share information on forest inventory, monitoring and assessment approaches, interests and methods; to learn from each other’s experiences; and to adopt common approaches where possible to create consistency in transnational assessments. The IMWG has been meeting regularly since 2000.

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The IMWG is currently developing a North American Forest Database (NAFD) for managing forest inventory data and enabling consistent, continental scale forest assessment. The NAFD establishes a platform for enhanced North American forest inventory and monitoring data integration and complements the national forest assessment tools of Canada, Mexico and the USA and the UN FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA).

The first stage of NAFD development is focused in three areas: (i) continental-scale forest ecosystem classification (in collaboration with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation); (ii) forest assessment terminology and reporting data harmonization; and (iii) database and tool development. Future stages may include expansions into additional content areas (more reporting variables), time-series, and lower-level information such as compiled field and remote sensing survey plot data for scientific applications.

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